BIRTH IN CHILE AND Citizenship for youR child
We select the best clinic and doctor
We provide turnkey language support
We get Chilean passport for the baby
We help parents with Chilean citizenship
161 visa-free countries for your baby

Why Chile?

161 visa free visas countries
Chile passport allows visa-free entry to 161 countries, including the United States, Canada, the European Union, Great Britain and Japan.
Passport for baby and parents
The baby receives a passport of Chile immediately by right of soil, and the parents/grandparents of the baby can apply for a passport after 2 years.
No risk of denied entry
Citizens of most countries do not need a visa to enter Chile. For citizens from countries where a visa is needed, we are consulting with a tourist visa issue.
US standard of health care
Chile is 32nd out of 169 countries on the Healthiest Country Index of Bloomberg. The U.S. is in 34th place.
Safe country
According to the Crime index and Safe index, the level of safety in Chile is much higher than neighboring Argentina and Brazil
Wealthy country
Chile is a high-income country with the highest GDP per capita of any country in South America.


A comfortable climate for mom and baby
You'll spend two months on the ocean, enjoying fresh fruit, delicious seafood, and warm weather.
Cost-effective births
The average cost of a contract with a clinic is $6,000. By comparison, a similar clinic in the U.S. would cost $10,000 or $15,000 or more in Canada.
High level of service in clinics
The clinics are fully facilitated with modern medical equipment. The qualification of doctors corresponds to the European and American level.



Official contract
We work under an official contract with payment options from both individuals and legal entities
Guaranteed results
We have been working since 2016. 100% of our babies received a passport of Chile due to the high quality of all documents processing
Full language support
Spanish is the language of Chile. For all doctor's appointments, the birth itself and the paperwork, you will be accompanied by our specialist with knowledge of the language
Turnkey solutions
We do everything to make you feel our protection and help in an unknown country 24/7


Preparation for arrival in Chile, consultations related to accommodation, childbirth and citizenship for newborn

Meeting in airport and transfer

Accompanying to medical examinations and to appointments with a gynecologist and pediatrician

Accompanying during childbirth

Chilean documents for the baby: birth certificate, ID card, Chilean passport

Apostille for birth certificate and translating them to English
Extended concierge service for solving non-standard issues

Individual transfer for 20 hours to appointments with a doctors, for paperwork, shopping and other matters

Additional 20 hours of accompanying and support of our translator for any questions

Three sightseeing tours by a guide

Return transfer to the airport
All options from Comfort
Chilean documents for the baby: birth certificate, ID card, Chilean passport

Information support during your stay in Chile on the questions related to Chilean documents and citizenship for newborn

Apostille for birth certificate

Translating to English the Chilean birth certificate of newborn and apostille

Recommended for Spanish speaking
Documents for newborn only



Preparing for Arrival
Our preparation supervisor will create a special Chili Chat to answer all your questions, make a travel plan, select a doctor based on your birth requirements and help you gather everything you need for the trip and arrange your documents for arrival.
Conclusion of a contract
You sign a contract and pay 25% in advance. You pay the rest after your arrival in Chile. The contract is concluded with a legal entity in Chile with payment in US dollars.
Free Consultation
Our account manager will contact you within one hour of your online request for a free consultation on the benefits of giving birth in Chile.
Selecting flights and apartments
Our flight manager will help you to find a cheap flight, and accommodation manager in Chile will find the most comfortable apartments or houses for rent. Airfare and rent can be paid in the currency of your choice.
Airport transfer
Our transfer guide will meet you at the airport in Santiago, bring you to your rented apartment and help you with the initial accommodation.
Birth support
Our birthing supervisor will give you a tour of the clinic, coordinate the estimate for the birth and follow you to all your prenatal appointments, the birth itself, and to the pediatrician with your baby.
Chile passport for the parent of the Chilean citizen
After your baby receives a Chilean passport, we will help you as parents of a Chilean to apply for a Chilean residence permit. And after two years of residence permit to apply for Chilean citizenship for yourself.
Concierge Service
Our concierge service will find a nanny or housekeeper, help you choose a rental car, arrange a meeting with a representative of the stem cell bank, and quickly resolve any issues you may have in the Spanish-speaking country.
Document support
Our documentation supervisor will help you submit the necessary documents to the Chilean authorities and obtain Chilean citizenship for the baby, as well as the passport of the parents' country.
Every mother wants her child to grow up well, get a great education and a good start in life. Take care of your baby's well-being before he or she is born!

Childbirth abroad with citizenship will give your child the right to live in one of the most prosperous countries in the world - Chile - as well as travel freely around the world. The U.S., Canada, Japan, Latin America and Europe - all of these countries will hospitably open their doors to your baby, making him a true cosmopolitan.


Despite the obvious benefits, not every woman is ready to dare to such an adventure. This is no surprise, because the prospect of a child in a foreign country thousands of miles away from home seems not attractive to everyone. But we assure you there is nothing to be afraid of! With years of experience, our specialists have managed to create the ideal birth program, allowing our mothers to be accompanied by Russian speaking staff not only during the delivery, but also during all types of consultations and appointments.

We know how important peace of mind is for an expectant mother, so we take care of everything. Having a childbirth in Chile - this is a unique opportunity to have a stress-free pregnancy in sunny Latin America and to give birth in a comfortable room overlooking the ocean. Don't miss your chance - contact us today and book your baby a ticket to a happy future!


The birth of a child is an extremely important and responsible event that requires careful preparation. We recommend that you decide in advance on the budget for the birth and prepare passports for the pregnant woman and her companion. Unlike the U.S. or Canada, you do not need a visa to enter Chile, so you will not need to be interviewed at the embassy and pay a fee.

It is worth noting that many airlines do not sell tickets to women late in pregnancy. Therefore, it is also important to plan your departure date correctly.


At Chile Kids, the price of a birth abroad varies depending on the package you choose. The price includes information support in preparation for your departure, airport pickup, transfer and accommodation assistance, mobile and Internet connection, clinic visits and assistance in concluding the contract, as well as obtaining citizenship and Chilean documents for the newborn baby. In addition, you will receive assistance in processing documents for the child in your country, and round-the-clock phone support.

The right choice of package depends not only on the budget, but also on your requirements and preferences. The optimal option is the Comfort package. It contains everything you need for those who want to get high quality service and save as much money as possible. For $5,900 you will receive assistance in preparing for the birth in Chile, paperwork, and shopping for baby supplies. And by choosing the Comfort Plus package, moms-to-be get Concierge Services, a family photo shoot, an escort to a stem cell bank appointment, a tour, and more. It should be noted that both packages include a Russian-speaking birth attendant at all medical appointments and births.

There is an expensive Premium Package for VIP women in labor, which also includes a personal chauffeur, excursions, car rental escort, a subscription to a sports club, pilates or yoga.


Don't miss the opportunity to give your baby the world! Dare to give birth abroad and your baby will receive Chilean citizenship by right of soil without any obstacles. According to local law, children born in the country receive a Chilean passport. In European countries, the child of foreigners does not have an automatic right to citizenship, and in the U.S. and Canada will be able to use it without you only on reaching the age of consent. In addition, if we talk about the European Union countries, there the cost of delivery abroad may be up to $30,000. And this despite the fact that the skill level of European obstetricians does not surpass the Chilean. Make the right choice and turn your childbirth abroad into an exciting adventure with Chile Kids!



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